Los Angeles Reducing spread of HIV/AIDS Infection.
Increasing Access to care and improving health Outcomes for People Living with .
Reducing HIV Related Disparities and Health Inequities.
Achieving a more coordinated national response to the HIV Epidemic .

About PACP

Pakistan’s response to HIV/AIDS began in 1987 with the establishment of a Federal Committee on AIDS by the Ministry of Health. The national AIDS control Program was then established. Its objectives are the prevention of HIV transmission among specific population sub-groups, safe blood transfusions, reduced STI (Sexually Transmission Infection) transmission, establishment of surveillance, training of health staff, research and behavioral studies, and development of program management.

To achieving the set goals Punjab Aids Control Program (PACP) was established in 1998 to reverse the spread of HIV among the most at risk groups and to keep the epidemic from establishing among the bridging groups and the general population and to create an environment in the country where people living with HIV can access medical and social services and enjoy life without facing stigma or discrimination. It is also our responsibility to coordinate a multispectral, comprehensive and sustainable response to HIV that is based on evidence, transparency and accountability and involves the various line ministries, the civil society and the main target beneficiaries (the PLHIV and the most at risk groups).


PACP joined hands with Virtual University

The Punjab Aids Control Program joined hands with Virtual University on training workshop about “Biosafety and Biosecurity Principle and practices” .Program Director Dr.Adnan Zafar khan , in his speech highlighted the responsibilities of Lab personnel saying that the General public expects laboratory personnel to follow protocol, not to expose the community to bio risks and to follow safe working practices (biosafety )associated with practice.

Dr.Adnan Zafar Khan chaired CDC meeting for eradication of HIV /AIDs in Punjab

Program Director Dr.Adnan Zafar Khan chaired CDC meeting and discussed upcoming strategy for eradication of HIV /AIDs in Punjab

A One day symposium on HIV/AIDS awareness arranged by Punjab University

A One day symposium on HIV/AIDS awareness arranged by Punjab University

Danish School Mianwali Camp

PACP arranged camp at Danish School Miyawali , Large number of School children actively participated ,who were screened and provided free cost vaccination